What does Complex Loan Structuring mean?

When you contact a typical mortgage broker for help with your financing needs, you may receive a loan quote almost immediately. In fact, when you reach out to multiple mortgage brokers, you may easily receive very similar quotes from each person who you speak with. The reason is that all brokers have access to the same loan programs and products. With this in mind, it is easy to assume that there is no flexibility or variation in the financing options available to you.

At Wealthfin, we understand that the right loan structure for your friends or neighbors may not be well-suited for your financial situation and for your short-term and long-term goals. We also have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly identify and meet your complex loan structuring needs.

Specifically, Our Wealthfin team takes every reasonable step possible to get to know more about your needs and financial details up-front before we quote loan terms. This involves working closely with you to gather vital information and even reaching out to your financial planner or accountant to obtain the essential details that we need to be effective with our loan structuring efforts.

Through our focus and extensive experience with complex loan structuring, we can present you with a unique loan structure that is a suitable for your circumstances and goals.

For example, consider that an individual who is buying a home as a self-employed applicant may have substantially different financing needs than an individual who is interested in buying another investment property to add to their portfolio. While our focus is on helping you to set up financing that gets you into the property that you have your eye on, our focus is equally on setting up a loan structure that helps you to achieve your future goals.