Collection and use of your information

 Wealthfin Pty Ltd and its representatives will only seek to collect necessary information from you in order to provide you with the credit assistance you have sought from us. We may also use this information for purposes associated with our services such as follow-up calls to assist you.

In some cases, we may seek to collect credit information about you. If we do this, it will only be from an Australian Credit Reporting Body and only with your consent, which we will ask you to provide by signing the form over the page.

Disclosure of personal information

 Wealthfin Pty Ltd and its representatives will never unnecessarily exchange your personal or business information with any third party for any reason, unless compelled by force of law. However, in order to assist you, we may be required to provide your personal information to certain organisations. If your information is not provided, we may be unable to assist you. The types of organisations include:

  • Lenders
  • Mortgage insurers
  • Other mortgage intermediaries
  • Valuers
  • Other organisations that assist us such as printers, mailing houses, lawyers, debt collectors, accountants and other auditors

Access and alterations to your personal information

 You can gain access to your personal or company information or advise alterations to that information by contacting our office:

Contact Person: Your Broker

Address: 480 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121 Email: [email protected]

Information which is easily accessible will be provided to you free of charge. However, information which is more difficult to access may have a fee associated with the request. You can also contact us for more detailed information on how we collect, handle and secure your personal information.


 From time to time, Wealthfin Pty Ltd may contact you with information about products from either ourselves or our industry affiliates that we believe may interest you. To opt-out of receiving such information, simply let us know by contacting us directly using the office details above.

Security of your personal information

 Wealthfin Pty Ltd takes reasonable steps to ensure the security of your personal or company information from unauthorised access, theft or modification.

Feedback on the handling of your personal information

 Should you be unsatisfied in the manner in which Wealthfin Pty Ltd has handled your personal information please contact us (per details listed above). We will take all necessary steps to investigate and address your concerns. If the issue you have raised is not resolved to your satisfaction you should contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at:

Ph:            1300 363 992

e:             [email protected] Mail:                GPO Box 5218


You can learn more about the Privacy Act and your rights at


Your Privacy Consent, and Consent to Give Notices Electronically

Wealthfin Pty Ltd

480 Church Street, Richmond VIC 3121

Phone number: 0422 386 236

Australian Credit Licence Number 411512


Wealthfin Pty Ltd seeks to gain credit information about you from a Credit Reporting Body (CRB).  We may use this information in the course of our providing credit assistance to you.

By providing consent, you appoint us as your agent to act as an “access seeker” and obtain your credit information from a CRB on your behalf.

You consent to us sending you notices and other documents in connection with your dealings with us by email or by accessing our web site. You understand that upon the giving this consent:

  1. we will either make all notices and other documents available for a reasonable period of time on our website for retrieval by you from or will send you notices and other documents by e-mail;
  2. if the information is displayed on our web site we will promptly send you an e-mail to the e-mail address nominated below notifying you that information is available for retrieval from our website and notify you of the nature of that information;
  3. we may/will not send paper copies of notices and other documents;
  4. you must regularly check your nominated e-mail address for notices;
  5. you may withdraw your consent to the giving of notices and other documents at any time; and
  6. You have facilities to enable you to readily print notices or other documents retrieved from our website if you desire.

If you do not consent to us doing this, do not sign the form provided or submit your consent through our website.  However, if you do not consent, we may be unable to provide credit assistance or other services to you.

This consent is intended to be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, detailed above.

Authority  to  act  as  your  Agent  for  the  collection  of  credit  information  and  Consent  to  give  notices electronically

 By submitting my information to Wealthfin, I hereby appoint Wealthfin Pty Ltd as my Agent for the purpose of obtaining my credit information from a Credit Reporting Body.